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Setting the Stage

Setting the Stage is an interactive walk through of African-American dance history. This multi-media program combines live performance with narrated slide presentations about historically important dancers and choreographers including Katherine Dunham and Alvin Ailey. You will gain insight into the legacies of great talents as the story of African-American dance is interwoven into the broader tapestry of American history.

FREE Public Performance at the Gem Theater
1615 East 18th Street, Kansas City, Missouri 64108
Thursday, February 23, 2017
7:00 p.m.

School Performances:

Location: Your School/Community Center
Dates/Time: February 21-25, 2017, during school day
Fee: $600 per presentation
Grades: 3rd – 12th
Length: 60 minutes
Requirements: Floor area 20’ x 30’ minimum
1.5 Knows how people depend on, adapt to and change their physical settings.
1.6 Understands that group and cultural influences contribute to human development, identity, and behavior.
1.7 Knows how a culture’s rules reflect its values and beliefs.
1.10 Understands that family, gender, ethnicity, nationality, institutional affiliations, socioeconomic status, and other group and cultural influences contribute to the shaping of a person’s identity.
5.2 Knows what individuals and groups have played major roles in historical events and what were their aims, challenges and accomplishments.
5.6 Knows the ways that families long ago expressed and transmitted their beliefs and values through oral tradition, literature, songs, art, religion, community celebrations, mementos, food, and language.
12.2 Understands dance as a way to create and communicate meaning.
12.5 Understands dance in various cultures and historical periods.
13.6 Understands how the elements of music are used in various genres and cultures


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Setting the Stage Study Guide click here.


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