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Dance Workshops

Students in the greater Kansas City metropolitan area can participate in one, or a series of dance workshops. KCFAA Dance Workshops reach more than 20,000 students annually.

A KCFAA teaching artist conducts student workshops on Modern and Jazz techniques, two primary dance forms that shape many of Alvin Ailey’s ballets. The workshop includes warm-up, jazz isolations, floor work, stretching, strengthening and choreographic instruction. Students learn elements of dance (mental alertness, sequencing, listening, following directions, attention to detail) and how they relate to developing successful life skills.

Location: Your School/Community Center
Dates/Time: Year-round, during school day
Fee: $90/workshop up to 30 students*
Grades: Kindergarten – 12th
Length: 35 – 55 minutes per workshop*
Requirements: Staff/Chaperone must be present.
*30+ students and/or 55+ minutes = additional workshop(s); Discounts available based on the number of scheduled workshops.
1.9 Understands that many skills can be practiced until they become automatic, and that if the right skills are practiced, performance may improve.
12.7 Applies critical and creative thinking skills in dance


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Dance Workshop Study Guide click here:  Arts Education Programs Downloads

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